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Municipal Court Matters

Traffic Tickets

The right to drive in New Jersey is a privilege that many of us take for granted.  However, that driving privilege can easily be affected or revoked due to even a single negligent act.  Both the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and insurance companies operating in the state use a point system to regulate drivers.  If you accumulate points through traffic tickets, you may find yourself paying a fine to a municipal court, more money in insurance premiums each year, have your right to drive revoked, or in certain circumstances, even find yourself ordered to serve jail time. Should you receive a traffic ticket for a moving violation by a police officer such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, driving without insurance, or driving while your license is suspended, you should consult our office for a free legal consultation.  Let us explain to you what are the possible ways that pleading guilty to this ticket could affect you.   Our attorneys would be pleased to provide you with either an in office consultation or a telephone consultation to discuss the possible penalties that you may be facing from your ticket as well as options on how to prevail in Court to minimize these penalties.  Our fees for these services are extremely competitive with other law offices and we accept several different payment options from our clients including cash, check, money order or credit cards.  We even offer payment plans in many situations to our clients!  Why not call us today to see how we can help you?

We know that getting a traffic ticket is stressful.  However, our office can help you in every phase of your traffic matter.  Once you retain our services, we will notifiy the Court that you are pleading not guilty, advise them that you have hired us to service as your legal representative, and if necessary, ask them to postpone the case to allow us time to properly prepare for your defense.  We will also ask the police to provide us with whatever records they intend to use against you in Court in advance so that we can review the strength of their case against you.  When the Court date arrives, one of our attorneys will appear in Court with you.  We will speak to the prosecutor about the case in an effort to resolve it without a trial, we will appear with you in front of the Judge to resolve the case through either a trial or plea bargain arrangement and we will even go with you to the violations window if there is a fine to pay at the end of the case!  In some limited circumstances, our office can prepare a legal affidavit explaining to the Court that you cannot attend Court and we may be able to resolve the case without you having to appear in Court with us.  

Criminal Matters and Other Non-traffic Offenses in Municipal Court

Municipal Courts handle other cases besides traffic tickets.  They also have jurisdiction over minor criminal charges such possession of small amounts of controlled dangerous subtances such as illegal drugs.  Other criminal matters handled in Municipal Court include assault, terroristic threats, shoplifting, harrassment and trespassing.  The Municipal Courts also handle enforcement of municipal ordinances which are laws passed by a specific city.  These ordinance violations can include local housing violations, disorderly persons offenses, public drunkeness, school truancy and others.  The nature of these offenses can be technical and it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you understand the charges and to defend you in Court!